FIRST  You select  the city in which you would like to establish your exclusive area.
We have thousands of consumer email addresses in all areas.
SECOND  We create a polygon by outlining your exclusive area in red (see below). 
THIRD  We immediately determine the number of geo-coded
e-mails we have in that area.  For example the polygon in Irvine has 4987 geo-coded e-mail addresses.
FOURTH  We process your order.  In approximately 7 to 10 days your new data base will be down loaded into your file.  We issue you a user name and password to access your file.

You will have possession of the persons name, property address and use of their e-mail address. This information will appear in your address book.

For example the polygon below outlined in red is in the city of Irvine.
FIFTH  You begin e-mailing immediately using HTML formatted templates we provide for you or you can design your own HTML formatted e-mails in full color with graphics.


SIXTH You track your e-mails.  You will know how many were sent, how many were opened and who read your e-mails.

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